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Integrative Hypnosis Intensive- April 2021

 April 10-17th 2021

1:00-6:00 EST

Classes will be held via zoom. 

Purchasing this class will also grant you access to the online version of "Integrative Hypnosis: 8 Day"

Integrative Hypnosis is a comprehensive course that pulls from the most current research in neuroscience, embodied cognition and priming making this a hypnosis training that reflects the 21st century. 

You will learn how to empower your clients to rewire their own habituated patterns and access deep altered states for transformation. The course combines Ericksonian and classical forms of trance work with neuro-linguistic psychology into a system of practical neuroscience that covers everything a modern day hypnotist needs.


The first four days of this course is Coaching the Unconscious Mind which will teach you a dynamic and multi level system of change work that goes much deeper than your typical coaching curriculum. Students can sign on just for this portion or go for the full eight days.

What you'll get:

    • The art of multi-level communication
    • Priming the unconscious mind
    • Conversational Dynamic Trance-Work
    • Self-Directed Neuroplasticity
    • Creative Hypnotic Inductions
    • The Meta Pattern of Change
    • Pattern Interrupts to rewire the brain
    • Bi-Lateral Stimulation
    • Vagus Nerve Regulation
    • Coherence and heart rate variability 
    • Memory reconsolidation
    • Cognitive/kinesthetic restructuring
    • Epigenetics and neurogenesis 
    • Conscious/Unconscious dissociation
    • Spatial and temporal language patterns
    • Non-Verbal Communication
    • Rapid self hypnosis templates
    • Neuro-Linguistic Coaching
    • Time line techniques 
    • Setting, changing and eliciting internal anchors
    • Submodality manipulation
    • Reimprinting and implicit memory manipulation
    • Meridian based techniques
    • Unconscious biases, filters and heuristics 
    • Inductive and deductive attention shifting
    • Parts integration
    • Open focus brain induction
    • Anti-anxiety approaches
    • Procrastination elimination 
    • Motivational strategies for goal setting
    • Craving busters
    • Internal dialogue manipulations 
    • Pseudo double inductions
    • Mirror neurons and resonance 
    • Right brain calibration
    • Non linear language patterns
    • The art of reframing
    • De-nominalizing constructs


      1:00-6:00 EST

      Classes will be held via zoom. 


      Full Certification Tuition: $1,950

      Additional IACT certification/membership available for $99.00

      Coaching the Unconscious Mind $975. Jan. 9-12