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Here is a sneak peek into the April events in the Membership portal


APRIL 2022

April Events @ The Student Portal (All times in New York Time)
4/4- Jason Linnet 12:00pm
4/6- Study group 6:00pm
4/10- Hypno-Psychedelic Sunday 11:00am
4/11- practice meet up in main room 1:00
4/13- Zoom practice/supervision 6:00
4/20- study group 6:00
4/21- WishCraft
4/25- demo for writers 11:00


MAY 2022

  (All times in New York Time)
5/3- trance-figure weight loss group 1:00
5/4- Study group 6:00
5/8- Martin Peterson-Trauma Collapse 2:00
5/10- trance-figure-1:00
5/11- zoom practice/supervision 6:00
5/12 Dan Ryan - Meditation, Hypnosis, and Past Life Regression 5:00 PM
5/14- free form practice meet up 11:00
5/17- trance-figure 1:00
5/18- study group
5/19- WishCraft
5/20- pain management demo 5:00
5/24- trance-figure 1:00
5/25- zoom practice/supervision 6:00
5/29- hypno-psychedelic Sunday 11:00

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Integrative Hypnosis Intensive

Integrative Hypnosis is a comprehensive course that pulls from the most current research in neuroscience, embodied cognition and priming making this a hypnosis training that reflects the 21st century.

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Coaching The Unconscious Mind

The four days course is Coaching the Unconscious Mind which will teach you a dynamic and multi level system of change work that goes much deeper than your typical coaching curriculum. Students can sign on just for this portion or go for the full eight days.

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